Berlin travel guide


Berlin Travel Guide

How to get Berlin?

Berlin is one of the best linked cities in the world, with no less than three airports, supposedly the best train service in Europe and buses arriving periodically from all points of the continent. Whichever method of transportation you adopt, it will be easy to get to Berlin.

Berlin International Airport transportation

Berlin International Airport transportation Private bus shuttles continually link Berlin's three airports, making it enough easy to catch a connecting flight. You can also arrive to any of the airports by train or bus, which is much cheaper than a taxi fare.

Berlin Tegel is the most near airport to the downtown area. The express X9 airport bus operates at 10-minute intervals among the terminal and the Zoo Station in the centre of western Berlin. The 25-minute trip starts from outside the Arrivals Hall. From the Zoo Station, you can link to anywhere in the city by subway, train or bus. Taxis are also available, though considerably more expensive. If you rent a car, simply follow the signs for the Stadtautobahn into Berlin, where the Halensee exit will lead you to Kurfurstendamm.

Berlin Schoenefeld is the furthest airport from the city centre, but you can take the S-Bahn train directly to the Zoo Station in the city centre, which takes 55 minutes. You can also catch bus number 171 from the airport to Rudow, where you can transfer to the U-Bahn.

Berlin Tempelhof is connected immediately to the city centre by the U-6 subway line. You can also take bus number 119 to Zoo Station, but it costs the same.

Berlin By Air

By Air Berlin offers three airports, each of which have different roles. Berlin Tegel is the biggest and busiest of the three, controlling most of the flights from the west. Berlin Schoenefeld, once the principal airport for East Berlin, particularly receives flights from Asia, Russia and other European countries.

Berlin Tempelhof is the citys oldest airport and handles principally domestic flights and flights to a few European destinations. All three airports are linked to the city centre by bus and the S-Bahn and U-Bahn.

The International gateway of Germany is the Frankfurt am Main Airport, with a growing number of international flights also arriving at Düsseldorf and Munich.

All of these hubs have almost hourly connecting flights to Berlin run by the national carrier Lufthansa. As an option, there are several high-speed train connections among Berlin and all major West German cities.

Berlin By Rail

By Rail Germany's rail system is with good reason one of the most efficient in Europe and it links the city to all parts of the country and beyond. Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and Bonn possess the best rail connections with Berlin, thanks to high-speed intercity express services. From any of these cities, connections can be made to the rest of Europe and the UK.

Until recently, Berlin had two main train stations: Bahnhof Zoo in the west and Ostbahnhof in the east. Getting between the two parts of the city generally requires taking an S-Bahn link to your local station; nevertheless, the newly completed Lehrter Bahnhof megastation in Berlin Mitte is expected to progressively replace the others as the city's central train hub, making connections to all parts of the city much easier.

Berlin By bus

By bus Regularly scheduled buses run from over 250 German and European cities to Berlin each day. All arrivals and departures to the city come through the ZOB Omnibusbahnhof am Funkturm in Charlottenburg. Taxi and bus connections are available at the station, and the U-Bahn is nearby.

Berlin By Car

By Car The A10 ring road around the city connects Berlin with the rest of the country and greater Europe in every direction. The A2 links with Hanover and the Ruhrgebeit cities, and the A24 connects with Hamburg. Travelers from Munich, Nuremburg and Leipzig can arrive to Berlin via the A9, while the A13 links the city with Dresden. Drivers from Frankfurt should use the A12, and anyone coming from Poland should take the A11.
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