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Education in Berlin

Compulsory education begins at age of seven and lasts for nine or ten years. Thanks to reform of education, there will be two specific secondary schools in Berlin which will be the Sekundarschule and the Gymnasium.

After children have completed compulsory education they can access to higher education. It is not difficult to search university, because many renowned universities, colleges and business schools are placed in Berlin. Furthermore there is a wide variety of university courses that these educational institutions offer.  For instance the following are some Universities in Berlin:

  • Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

  • Freie Universität Berlin .

  • Technische Universität Berlin.

They are placed in many university rankings because of their exceptional teaching standards and highly trained faculty.

What is education important?

educationEducation is definitely an essential for human beings and society. For ages, countries are concerned about education standards. Even though education has changed over time, its essence is the same. Nowadays many countries invest large amounts of money in their education systems and have established education as free and compulsory, because this is the best way to ensure future development.

Basic Education in Germany

Germany is a very beautiful country with great culture. Since Germany is a world economic power, it has a very good structured educational system.  There education is free and compulsory for all German citizens. The Germany's basic education system is structured as follows:

  • Primary (6-11 years old).

  • Secondary, part I (12-16 years old).

  • Secondary, part II (16-19 years old).

Parents have a wide variety of schools to choose for primary education such as state schools, waldorf schools, Montessori Method school, Free Alternative Schools, protestant or catholic. On the other hand for secondary education, parents can choose between Hauptschule , Realschule, Gymnasium (grammar school) and Gesamtschule (comprehensive school).
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