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German in Berlin

In these days, communication is becoming more and more important between countries. Therefore if you speak German, you will have great possibilities of getting a better job, but job is not the only reason to learn German, here are more reasons:

  • This language is the third most spoken in the world.

  • Over 175 million speakers (97 million are native).

  • This is by far the most spoken language in the EU.

  • It is the official language of Germany which is one of the world powers.

  • Finally it is the main exporter in the world.

As you can see there are good reason to learn this language; therefore it is strongly recommended to study it.


Studying German in Berlin

You can study German in Berlin, the national capital of Germany, because it is the official language in this city. There, you will also have the opportunity to improve your German level and at the same time do some tourism in this beautiful city. In addition, you will have a new perspective on life. On the other hand there are many language schools where you can study this language. Before choosing one of the language schools address to their information office or visit their official website in order to get further information about schedules, programs and prices.

There are many things to tell about this fantastic city, but now we are going to focus in why learning German in Berlin can be your best choice if you have decided to learn this language abroad. It is for sure, that the most effective way to learn a foreign language is studying it in countries where the language is spoken. So Berlin apart to offer great cultural activities to foreign people is a place that counts with well-quality language centers where interested people in German language can learn it.

Language centers offer individual and group courses, so you have to decide according to your budget which one to take. Of course private lessons are more expensive, but if you take the most advantages of them, you can talk fluently with people in Berlin.

Whether you are interested in learning this language for your career or job, language centers can help you to successfully learn it. Before choosing one, look if the teachers are accredited to teach German, check if the groups are small in case you decide to take group classes, take in mind the facilities and extra activities it offers such as library, activities that imply be in touch with native speakers, among other things.

If you want to be prepared for exams such as the “Test for the University Access of Foreign Applicants” (DSH) or the “German as a foreign language” test (DaF), language schools will be a perfect help to you.


Some schools and institutes in Berlin are:


  • Hauptstraße 23/24

  • Berlin, BE D-10827

  • DE

  • GLS

  • Kastanienallee 82, 10435 Berlin, Germany

  • Carl Duisberg Centren

  • Jaegerstrasse 64

  • Berlin, Berlin D-10117, Germany

  • BWS Germanlingua

  • Schlegelstr. 9

  • Berlin, 10115, Germany

  • DID Deutsch: Institut Berlin

  • Novalisstr. 12 Berlin, BE 10115

  • DE


Learn German and be outstanding!


For some reason, this language is stereotype as one of the most difficult languages in the world. This is simply not true, and especially for English speakers. The truth is that there are many words in German that resemble words that we use in our daily English vocabulary; therefore, they are easier to incorporate.  Some of these words are der Vatter (the father, and here consider that the letter V is pronounced as an F in German, which makes sense for us since that is the distinguishing sound that tells a V from a B) die Mutter (the Mother), der Fisch (Fish), Wein (wine), etc. to name but a few. A language like German will not only enhance our CVs, but also add something interesting to our personality. Are you ready to Deutsch lernen in Köln? (“Deutsch” means “German”, so guess what the translation for that question is…see! It can be that easy).

So, don’t wait and choose the magical city of Berlin to learn the German language!
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