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Hannover Agreement signed: 29 October 1979

Range of cooperation: Transport, environmental protection, education, youth issues, services for the disabled, culture, preservation of monuments, sport, the European Union affairs.

Population: 524 thousand inhabitants.

Location: In the north of Germany, on the river Leine. The city is the capital of Lower Saxony.

Information about the city

Hannover Hanover was based as a city in 1241. In the 14th century it was a Hanseatic city, from 1636 this city was converted home to a number of princes and in 1837 it became a royal residence. Since 1946 it has been the capital of Lower Saxony. One of the most exquisite sites in Hanover is the Royal Garden in Herrenhausen. Today, Hannover is a center of industry, commerce and education besides an important crossroads for all ways of transport. The city is internationally renowned for it is trade fairs ('Industrie' and 'CeBIT) and is home to EXPO 2000.

Hannover is a city that it has surpassed a great deal of turbulences as it suffered great damage throughout the world wars. Nevertheless, it has persisted and is now one of Germany's most visited tourist spots. Visiting the historic architectures that survived is a fantastic experience. Nevertheless, you will not perceive these buildings to be its focal point. Alternatively, Hanover has lived time and energy on its splendid green spaces. This city is also a busy one, particularly considering that over six hundred trains come through its station every day. It would be a great idea to learn a bit of German before visiting Hanover since English is not that common.

Hannover Note: German's spell Hanover with an extra 'n' so don't be confused if you arrive and you see 'Hannover'. One of the best points to start exploring is to make your way to the centre of the city. Kröpcke is a popular meeting spot for the natives and is also home to the famous café it is named after. Although the original clock did not survive WWII, the replacement is nevertheless nice. To observe some of the best panoramas of the city, make your way to the New (Neues) Rathaus. You can also appreciate a lovely city tour on a boat cruise that takes on the Ihme and Leine Rivers. Those seeking more of Hanover's outdoor qualities will enjoy the Hanover Adventure Zoo. Over 2,000 inhabitants call it home. There is much to admire and do here, including a fantastic Safari.

As with most European cities, Hannover has its collection of impressive churches. The St. Clements Church is one of the city's most famous. Albeit it supported from the WWII attacks, precise reconstruction was taken place allowing you to enjoy its glamour today. Make your way to Old Hanover and visit the Marktkirche, the Market Church. Built back in the 14th century, it is a sensational building definitely worth visiting. The Church of Aegidien has been left over time and today, you can see explore the ruins of this twelfth century church.
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