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Healthcare in Berlin

In Berlin, all citizens and residents are required to have health insurance; either in the Public System (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung - GKV), for which they contribute 15.5% of their annual revenue in January of each year, or Private System (Verband der privaten Krankenversicherung - PKV). The Health care system in Berlin has following coverage:

  • Medical care, including hospital services and drugs.

  • Orthodontic dental care until the age of 18.

  • Nursing home care if necessary.

The Health care system in Berlin is financed by Germany government though a system of national health insurance and schools. This system is monitored by the Federal Ministry of Health.

Berlin is the birthplace of the technological innovations in medicine and hosts many of the scientists whom contribute to international health science. Did you know that the developer of vaccines for anthrax, cholera and tuberculosis was Robert Koch, a physician Germany with the Nobel Prize in Medicine as well as Rudolf Virchow and Ferdinand Sauerbruch? There are numerous facilities for specialized treatments like the German Heart Center, renowned transplant and laser center, the Max-Delbrück-Center for Molecular Medicine and the Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics.

Information about the health care system in the city of Berlin

Finding a hospital that is right for you and your family can often seem challenging, especially when you are searching for a health facility that caters to any special needs or treatments you may need for your loved ones. Comparing hospitals and various options you have available to choose from before making your decision is highly recommended. Using online hospital guides is one way to gain insight into the type of medical services near you while also helping you save time from comparing each hospital near you in person.

When you use a hospital compare guide it is possible to review all of the physicians and specialists available at all hospitals near you before visiting one. Using a hospital guide can give you insight into the various types of treatments available at each hospital near you, which can come in handy when determining the best option for you or your family members.

A simple way to manage your health without visiting a hospital or doctor, is to calculate a series of basic health indexes such as BMR or Basal metabolic rate. To know how to calculate basal metabolic rate, you can try some interesting online tools to calculate your own BMR.

National health insurance and schools in Berlin

Tertiary education in Germany is virtually public; there is no tuition for medical or dental school. It is only necessary the payment of administrative fees. The health system covers a multi-payer system with public and private options and people can reach both. In case you lose your job, the health insurance continues to work for you; so, don’t worry about that. Decide and choose the best schools that suit your skills.


Healthcare Schools in Berlin

medical schools

Medical schools in Berlin

If you are sure about pursuing a medical career, it would be easier to decide what is the best career is for you. The main medical programs offered by medical schools are: physician, medical and surgical specialties. Before you select your specialty (usually done during the residence training) you must consider the lifestyle, the income, the technological opportunities and the workforce. Be sure to take the right decision before you embark into this exciting and exhausting opportunity.

nursing schools

Nursing schools in Berlin

Many people said that the first year as a nurse is really hard, but if you have the conviction to continue and finish the career of your dreams, you must choose the best among nursing schools in Berlin. Keep in mind that you must ask as many questions as you want; solve all your doubts and never accept a vague answer. Becoming a great nurse involves practice, patience and a positive attitude. Remember, you will be supporting sick patients who will really need you.

pharmacy schools

Pharmacy schools in Berlin

If you want to continue your education with a pharmacy career, it is necessary to know that pharmacy fields consider four disciplines: pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry and pharmacognosy, pharmacy practice and pharmacology. In this sense, your opportunities will increase in the job market as a pharmacist. Pharmacy schools offer several degrees as a pharmacist, a pharmacy aide or a pharmacy technician.

dental schools

Dental schools in Berlin

The programs offered by dental schools are related with cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, laser dentistry, dental restoration and dental health. Some dental requirements as pre-school preparation, courses and extracurricular activities are necessary when you apply to a dental school. Make sure to obtain enough experience to become an excellent professional once you’ve finished dental school.

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