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Insurance in Berlin

If you become a permanent resident in Berlin, you will have to acquire some insurances in order to protect your life, health, car, home, travel expenses and others. There are two types of insurance in Germany: compulsory and voluntary.

An insurance is the best way to protect your family and yourself, in order to avoid any accidents, illness or any unexpected emergencies.

Home Insurance

One of the most important investments in your life is your own home and it is necessary to protect it in the best possible way. There are different types of insurance. For example, the homeowners’ insurance provides financial protection against disasters. There is also home insurance that has a package policy to cover the damage of your home, your personal property and your legal responsibility with a third part.

Most damages caused by disasters are covered by home insurance, but there are some exceptions, such as: event of flood and earthquake. The covering for these natural disasters must be bought separately.

Car Insurance

car insurance berlin

According to the law, all cars must have, at least, a third party insurance, and the driver must carry a valid certificate at all times.

You can choose among the different types of car insurance:

  • Third party insurance: this kind of insurance is the minimum legal required for all cars.

  • Comprehensive insurance: There are two types:

    • Third party, theft and fire.

    • Fully comprehensive.

Before hiring any car insurance, it is important to investigate what kind of coverage fits you better.


Life Insurance

The life insurance in Berlin can be classified in two: term life insurance, and permanent insurance. Whole life and universal life are the most used types of permanent life insurance.

  • Term life insurance: It provides coverage for a specific number of years. Usually, this kind of insurance is the cheapest one but it is important to obtain information of a representative of a quality insurance company before you buy the insurance. Term life insurance is a good way to cover financial obligations in case of death.

  • Whole life insurance: This kind of insurance provides permanent coverage for the insured until he or she passes away. A whole life insurance is a good option for someone who has a number of dependants.

  • Universal life insurance: It is a type of permanent life insurance that is similar to whole life insurance but it has more options for premium payments.  

Life insurance is perhaps the most important decision that you have to take. Check if you have a family it is important to obtain life insurance, that way, your family is free of any financial obligations.

Travel insurance

Berlin has become such a popular touristic destination and like anywhere else in the world, traveling has some risks. Travelers who are visiting Berlin should make sure that they have proper coverage against theft. Having travel insurance will protect them from all possible risks. Travel Insurance gives coverage for:   


  • Delayed flights.

  • Cancelled trips.

  • Baggage loss or theft.

  • Emergency medical expenses.

  • Repatriation costs.

  • Emergency dental treatment.

  • Burial and cremation.

Berlin is a place where people practice winter sports and some of them are extreme. Insurance companies offer coverage for injuries caused by winter sports.

Health insurance

The German law stipulates that every citizen has to have health insurance. If you’re insured by the state, the medical care bills are sent to the insurance company for its reimbursement. If you are a private patient, you will receive the bill first before you forward it to the insurance company to make an partial or total reimbursement.

Berlin offers two types of health insurance, they are called "public" and "private" insurances. Health insurance is obligatory for everyone who resides in Berlin and even more to anyone who is employed full-time by a company. Insurance contributions are paid half by the companies and the other half comes from from the employee’s salary.
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