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Berlin Travel Guide

Berlin Job Opportunities

If you are thinking of moving to Berlin, there are some things you have to know before you move so you can plan this process in the best way. The main barrier that you can find if you decide to move to Berlin can be the language so if you learn German language can be really beneficial for you.

Current Situation of Berlin

The capital of Germany is the most populated city in the country, it also has a major influence in the European Union. It was chosen as the creative city by UNESCO in 2006. Berlin has a continental climate with weather conditions very extreme, warm sunny summers and cold winters; the average annual temperature is 12 degrees Celsius. The weather is hot with temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius in June, July and August.

The weather is cold in December, January and February with temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius and a high probability of snow. The temperature is high in July and August. Spring and Fall are cold at night and it is recommended that you wear warm clothes.

Berlin is a cultural city and there is a large variety of museums, theaters, galleries and restaurants. The nightlife in Berlin is vibrant with lots of fun; there are many places such as traditional beer gardens, discos, parks, lakes and wooded areas distributed throughout the city.

Work opportunities

work opportunities

Berlin offers the same benefits to the people that work in the country and to the people that are from the European Union. Germany signed bilateral agreements with some European countries so that workers do not require any permission to access local labor demand.

Workers that are still working for more than 12 months are granted a permit of unrestricted unlimited time. Third countries citizens have greater privileges to access local labor market.

Things to do before your move

  • You must apply for the correct residence permit. Remember, you have to complete all the right paperwork.

  • You can hire a professional who helps you with your paperwork, registration with authorities and the German foreign office, work and residence permits and other additional bureaucratic formalities. They can also help you set a German bank account, find a school for your children and a language course.

  • It is recommended that you search a job offer before you move; send a job application to a specific company.

  • Before moving, you should get in touch with the supplier and before signing the contract, you should find out the terms and conditions of the contract. Most of these companies stipulate a minimum term of contract for the service. And if you want to stop the contract for any reason you should notify it a month in advance at least.

  • One thing you have to know is how much it costs to rent a property in Berlin; there are popular areas where rent is not cheap for example: Kreuzberg and Graefekiez.

  • If you still are searching for a property, hire a real estate agent that helps you with this process much of the time so complicated.

  • Working with movers or moving companies is the best way to get a successful moving. If you hire the appropriate company, you will be sure they will take care of you interests before, during and after your move. You also can enjoy the city as soon as possible without the usual stress.

  • If you don’t have much time due the move process, you can send moving postcards to all your friends and let them know about your new address, maybe you can receive some extra help.
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