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Job Search in Berlin

To find a job in the most important city in Germany can take you several days of job search, though with a little patience and a well-prepared resume, you can get what you are looking for: a job position in Berlin.

You can start searching for some of the most visited Internet portals in Germany in order to find interesting job offers. If you want to get a job in Berlin, it’s for sure that you have to speak German, if you don’t, then look for some class right away; there are also plenty of websites that can help you. Another good way to learn German is by working as an Au-Pair, maybe it’s not your dreamed job, but you can begin your job experience and learn German language too. To obtain a summer job is also possible, especially for young people.

Resume Templates and Cover letter Examples

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When applying for a job, the most important part of a job application is the resume. Most people arrange their resume in tabular form, with subsections covering personal details such as, schooling, higher education, work experiences, additional qualifications and references from previous employers. And the cover letter template, which a very brief document that shows your skills and expectations, is also as important as the resume; there is a number of types of cover letters available, you can take a look at them and decide which one is the best for you.

In a resume sample, information is placed in chronological order and it is customary to state your date and place of birth, your marital status and nationality. Remember, the information that you provide in your resume can’t differ from the information you give to an interviewer. While it is common for applicants in America to list their hobbies, this is less common in Berlin.

Great resume templates for job seekers

If you are not sure about how to write your resume, you can check some that give you guides and resources that will help you improve your resume and make an efficient marketing tool out of it, and to convince employers to give you the opportunity to have a job interview.

Moreover, the resume has to contain simple words to describe your profile and also some keywords related to the job offer, and finally send your resume to the correct person, check the e-mail address before sending it. Resume examples are acceptable in two pages top.

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