Berlin travel guide


Berlin Travel Guide


Leipzig Several people are amazed by Leipzig's beauty. Leipzig is a great day trip destination from Berlin, its only 118 miles far from the city center and you can get there by plane (not recommended due to the price and not direct flights), car, train or bus.

Getting Leipzig by train is a rapid and great way, but according to visitors it's too expensive (unless you book your trip by the internet, where you can get special deals); You'll not find many buses that go to Leipzig and the journey will take over 2 hours; maybe the best way is getting there by car because you can visit other places in the way and arrive in less time, depending on traffic.

Besides being home of Germany best-known artists such as: Goethe and Bach, it's a center for German art and culture and a peaceful city (well-known for its peaceful revolution that lead to the fall of Berlin Wall). Berlin also offers other things:
  • Auerbachs Keller: One of the oldest pubs in Germany, even it was Goethe's favorite restaurant when he was young and there is a famous saying: Who travels to the trade markets of Leipzig without visiting Auerbachs Yard, Auerbachs Keller. It proves: He has not seen Leipzig.

  • Bach Museum: Located right next to St. Tomas Church where the famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach worked as a cantor.

  • Stasi Museum: This museum shows the most recent past of Berlin history, includes documents of the secret services and even a prison cell.

  • Nikolaikirche: is the oldest and biggest church of Leipzig; it was a meeting point for people that demanded rights such as freedom to travel an the election.

  • Botanical Garden: Its the oldest garden in Germany and among the oldest worldwide botanical gardens with more than 7000 species from every part of the world.

More Leipzig Information / Fast Facts and Orientation

  • Country: Germany
  • Location: Federal State of Saxony (Western Saxony)
  • Status: city (largest in state)
  • Area: approximately 115 square miles / 297 square kilometres
  • Population: approximately 510,000
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)
  • Time zone: GMT + 1 hour
  • Electricity: 220 Volts AC, 50 Hz - flat two-pin plugs or third round pin are used, adaptors may be necessary in Germany
  • Country Dialling code: +49
  • Telephone area code: 0341
  • Religion: numerous Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Protestant churches
  • Average daily Leipzig January temperature: 2C / 36F
  • Average daily Leipzig July temperature: 23C / 73F

Leipzig A German Writer, philosopher, dramatist, publicist and art critic from 18th century, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, said: Ich komme nach Leipzig, an den Ort, wo man die ganze Welt im Kleinen sehen kann that means: I come to Leipzig, the place where one can see the whole world in miniature. Don't miss the opportunity of visiting this wonderful city that has among all its attractions, one of the Europe oldest universities: Leipzig University, and several ancient and modern buildings waiting for your visit.
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