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Berlin Real Estate

The German government decided to build the Berlin International Airport "Brandenburg" in order to improve the Berlin economic activity, nowadays, this German city is a center of tourism and the third most visited in Europe. The growth of economic activities has generated several international connections. The government intends to continue growing as a potential tourist alternative, flight agencies also have joined the cause and lowered the tickets prices of flights to Berlin.

Real Estate Market in Berlin

Berlin has a very open culture that is very attractive for foreign youth. The possibilities of investment and creation of new economic sectors are more every day. The government supports educational research and investment in this area.

The German housing market offers many real estate options for investors of the entire world. The growing tourist demand, the strong economy, the attractive prices of properties, the long-term leases of tenants, the regulated legal system, the protection by the EEC and the growth of the invested capital are the principal reasons why people decide to invest in Real Estate in Berlin.

Berlin Properties prices

The renters market in Berlin is still bigger than the owners market. People that prefer renting are not seen as being socially inferior, most of the time people who can buy a property don't always do. Properties prices are accessible compared with prices in other real estate markets, even the interests of mortgage are low.

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The biggest difference among Berlin and other European capitals is the property prices. The German capital is still one of the cheapest one in Europe. Investing in the real estate market of Berlin is a promising business.


Real Estate Schools

Studying in one of the Real estate schools is a good alternative to know more about Real estate in Berlin and how this market works.

Before renting or buying a property, you should consider the following

  • Are you interested in investing? Or need a home to live?

  • Which parts of Berlin are you interested in?

  • What kind of property are you looking for?

  • How much can you afford for a property?

  • What are your economical possibilities?

  • Can you assume monthly payments?

The contracts of real estate have to be signed by a notary. According to the law, a public notary has the obligation to be neutral and be responsible for ensuring the correct conduction of every real estate transaction under his or her charge. One of the most important tasks of a notary is to verify the rights of the seller over the property, and notify the buyer of any important detail that affects the property or the process, and for this the buyer must pay the fees of the notary.
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