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Berlin is a city of delicious foods. Nevertheless that would be a big generalization and simplification, because at present things have changed towards lighter cooking, revitalizing of the regional cuisines in Germany especially in Berlin. German recognition of healthy, well-prepared foods served with attention is well known. Everyone who wishes to have a good meal will be impressed by German cooking.

Germans taste hearty meals like meat, such as pork, beef and poultry, in this order of acceptance. The average person in Germany eats up to 72 pounds of meat a year. Meat is generally pot-roasted and eaten as sausages. There are more than 1500 diverse types of sausage in Germany. Remember not to eat foods high in fat or carbohydrates and maintain an optimal level of body fat, since when more stabilized this, the better your health. A 10 body fat percentage is the classic beach body look that most men want and many women love. While not very defined, there is separation between muscles, some muscle striations potentially in the shoulders, or arms, but striations are not showing on every muscle.

Popular Berlin Recipes

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