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Schools in Berlin

The educational system in Berlin includes kindergarten, primary, secondary and high superior education. The education in the pre-school period is only recreational where the assistance to kindergarten is voluntary and it starts at the age of three where children are grouped by different ages.

Education system in Berlin

The primary education or Grundschule lasts from the age of 4 to 6, and it is offered in public and private schools. In regard to secondary education, it begins at the age of twelve and it has 4 levels. Hauptschule is now an obsolete method but it offers a Lower Secondary Education equivalent to Level 2 and it lasts five years until 9th grade.


As opposed to this, the education system in Germany offers the Realschule and the Gymnasium accessible only for students with good grades;  the first last around 6 years approximately until 10th grade and the students will be able to get better opportunities of becoming an competitive person. On the other side, the Gymnasium lasts 6-7 years, after that you will get the Abitur diploma that will allow you access to any university of Europe without taking a test. For Higher education, there are around 400 universities from the University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) to the traditional universities and Studienkolleg for foreigners.

Programs and Opportunities in Berlin Schools

Definitely the educational system in Berlin offer great chances through degrees on different levels, because public and private schools in Berlin gives many opportunities like special bilingual programs that are considered by Europe Schools as the best option for students.


military schools

Military schools in Berlin

The best careers that offer military schools are to work for the Army, Navy, Air force, Marine Corps and the Coast guard. Increasingly, men and women are recruited by the Air Force. If you want to fly an aircraft, you can begin to learn more about the courses offered in the Air Force of Berlin. Make sure to pursue a career that best suits your skills.

law schools

Law schools in Berlin

Do you want to be a renowned lawyer? Nowadays, offer possibilities to continue as an individual with access to high educational degrees. Law areas constitute family law, criminal law, labor law, business law, immigration law, constitutional law and international law. If your vocation is to defend the honor of people or any cause, you must consider law as a possible career option.

flight schools

Flight schools in Berlin

Knowing how to fly a plane is not easy and it results in a challenge for everyone. The first thing that you should consider is the kind of school to see that you will receive a good training. After that, look for experimented instructors and optimal facilities. Actually flight schools are the best option to get into a flight career. Get information about the main specialties that they offer.

pilot schools

Pilot schools in Berlin

Pilot schools in Berlin offer a high level training. Actually, there are a variety of careers related to this profession that are gradually promoting team effort. A pilot must have airmanship, personality and crew management skills. You must be able to make decisions and to communicate effectively with others. You must instill confidence in the crew and passengers. Make sure that you are on the right path if you are concerned with some of these characteristics or skills.

technical schools

Technical schools in Berlin

Small learning groups combined with project based learning are the common factor among technical schools that give an educational advantage to help students reach their goals. In the work environment, people need to have a specific skill in order to be hired. Make sure that the career that you’ve chosen is the correct one. These careers include jobs in building trades, business, communication art, culinary arts, health, education and technology fields.

boarding schools

Boarding schools in Berlin

How should you choose the right boarding school to give children a quality education? The facilities for boarding schools are available to 13-18 year olds in Berlin. Parents must consider that there are a variety of schools that vary from the called therapeutic schools for students with behavioral and emotional problems to the boarding schools for boys or girls only.

trade schools

Trade schools in Berlin

Called also vocational schools or career schools, trade schools give students the possibility to learn different abilities to do a particular job. Actually, trade schools are join apprenticeships in a company and belong to the dual education system of Berlin. The types of trade schools are the Berufsschule and the Fachschule. Consider that the latter is equivalent to the Higher National Diploma in UK at the moment of deciding which trade school you should attend.

Massage schools

Massage schools in Berlin

Due to the stress produced by many factors such as work, money, kids or family, even more people need to relax their muscles and avoid the pain of a muscle contraction. If you want to follow a massage career, be sure that you are in the right way. The best option is to look massage schools. In a massage school students learn what parts of the body are connected to the muscles. You can work in parlors, spas or hotels.

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